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Various Sizes Automatic Toothpaste Soft Tube Cartoning Machine manufacturers

Various Sizes Automatic Toothpaste Soft Tube Cartoning Machine manufacturers

  • Speed
    60 To 120 Cartons Per Minute.
  • Tube Size Range
    Various Sizes Of Toothpaste Soft Tubes
  • Automation
    Fully Automated
  • Machine Name
    Tube Cartoning Machine
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE, ISO
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    wooden case
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union

Various Sizes Automatic Toothpaste Soft Tube Cartoning Machine manufacturers

China Best Seller Automatic Toothpaste Soft Tube Cartoning Machine

An automatic toothpaste soft tube cartoning machine is a specialized packaging machine that is designed to automatically pack toothpaste soft tubes into cartons. The machine is typically used in manufacturing and packaging facilities to speed up the packaging process, improve efficiency, and reduce labor costs.
The machine works by first opening up a flat carton, then loading a toothpaste soft tube into the carton, and finally closing and sealing the carton. The machine can handle various sizes of toothpaste soft tubes and cartons, and is designed to work with the specific materials used in toothpaste soft tube packaging.
One of the key advantages of an automatic toothpaste soft tube cartoning machine is its speed and efficiency. Depending on the specific model, the machine can handle speeds of 60 to 120 cartons per minute, which is much faster than manual packaging. Additionally, the machine is fully automated, which means that minimal manual intervention is required, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall efficiency.
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  • Lead Time:

    20 DAYS
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  • Shipping Port:

    Guangzhou Port
  • Payment:

    EXW, C&F, CIF and etc.
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  • Product Detail

  • Working Process:

    This machine adopts a series of transmissions to imitate human's actions to automatically complete the processes of box unloading, box opening and box sealing. The working process of the machine is as follows.

    Machine Name Tube Cartoning Machine
    Production capacity

    Host running speed 60-80 boxes/min

    Origami Speed folding machine 60-80 sheets / minute

    Carton Specification
    Maximum size 205(L)×80(W)×70(H) mm
    Minimum size 50(L)×25(W)×14(H) mm
    Can do customized, it's better to show your sample to us ;)
    Manual Specification
    Maximum size 170(L)× 240(W) mm
    Minimum size 90(L)×120(W) mm
    HMI Mitsubishi
    PLC Mitsubishi, Programmable controller

The Toothpaste Cartoning Machine will automatically package regularly shaped, single products into the packaging box using a mechanical action, then carry out automatic box loading.

Main Feature:

* The Tube Cartoning Machine can automatically complete manual folding, carton forming, opening, block boxing, batch number printing, and sealing. It can also be equipped with hot melt glue system to complete the hot melt glue sealing.

* The machine adopts PLC control. The photoelectricity monitors the actions of various parts, and if there is an abnormality during operation, it can automatically stop and display the reason for timely troubleshooting.

* The main drive motor and clutch brake are installed inside the frame, and each part of the transmission system torque overload protector is installed on the machine board. Under overload conditions, the main drive motor can be separated from each transmission part to ensure completeness. The safety of the machine.

* The Tube Box Packing Machine is equipped with an intelligent detection device. There is no manual and no paper box when there is no material, so it is convenient to work with front-end equipment. In the process of testing, waste products (without drug version, instructions) are found out at the exit, ensuring that the product quality fully meets the requirements. ..

* This machine can be used alone or in conjunction with the blister packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete production line. Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine, Semi Automatic Tube Filling Sealing Machine.

* The machine can change the packaging specifications according to the different use requirements of users. It is easy to adjust and debug. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of single varieties, and at the same time, it can meet the production of small batches and multiple varieties of users.

*Different type has different machine, please inquiry us the type of machine before placing an order



An automatic toothpaste soft tube cartoning machine has several advantages:

  1. Increased Efficiency: The machine can handle a large number of toothpaste soft tubes per minute, which improves the speed of production and ensures that the packaging process is completed in a timely manner.

  2. Improved Accuracy: The machine is designed to ensure that toothpaste soft tubes are packed accurately and consistently, eliminating the risk of errors and ensuring that each package contains the right number of tubes.

  3. Reduced Labor Costs: The machine requires minimal human intervention, reducing the need for manual labor and ultimately saving costs.

  4. Improved Safety: The machine is designed with safety features to protect the operator from harm, such as automatic stoppage when the machine is overloaded or when an abnormal situation occurs.

  5. Reduced Waste: The machine is designed to use minimal packaging material, which minimizes waste and reduces the overall cost of packaging.

  6. Increased Productivity: The machine's high-speed operation and consistent performance increase productivity, ensuring that the production line runs smoothly and that deadlines are met.

  7. Better Quality Control: The machine is designed to detect any defects in toothpaste soft tubes, ensuring that only high-quality tubes are packed and shipped, reducing the risk of product returns and improving customer satisfaction.