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30-120bottles/min Constant temperature 5°C to 90°C vertical filling machine

30-120bottles/min Constant temperature 5°C to 90°C vertical filling machine

  • Filling Volume
    50ml To 1000ml
  • Filling Speed
  • Temperature Control Range
    5°C To 90°C
  • Power Supply
  • Air Pressure
    0.4 To 0.6 MPa
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    D/A, L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability

30-120bottles/min Constant temperature 5°C to 90°C vertical filling machine

Constant temperature vertical filling machine

A constant temperature vertical filling machine is a type of equipment used for filling products into containers at a consistent temperature. The machine is commonly used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to fill products such as hot sauces, syrups, juices, and other products that require precise temperature control during filling.

The machine is designed to fill products into containers while maintaining a constant temperature to prevent thermal shock that can damage the product or the container. The machine typically consists of a filling head, a product holding tank, a conveyor system, and a temperature control system.

The filling head is responsible for dispensing the product into the containers, and it can be adjusted to fill different container sizes and shapes. The product holding tank stores the product at a constant temperature, and the temperature control system ensures that the product remains at the desired temperature throughout the filling process.

The conveyor system transports the containers to the filling head, and once filled, they are automatically moved to the next stage of the production process. The machine can handle various container sizes and shapes, including bottles, jars, and pouches, depending on the model and manufacturer.

A constant temperature vertical filling machine offers several benefits to the production process. It ensures that the product is filled at the optimal temperature, which can improve product quality and increase shelf life. The machine can also reduce product waste and minimize the risk of contamination, as the temperature control system helps maintain a sterile environment during the filling process.

30-120bottles/min Constant temperature 5°C to 90°C vertical filling machine 0
  • Item NO.:AFM-ZC

  • Lead Time:10-15 Days

  • Product Orgin:China

  • Shipping Port:Guangzhou Port

  • Payment:DDT, DDP, EXW, C&F, CIF and etc.

  • MOQ:1

  • Product Detail


Main Features:

1. Hopper is 30L/35L, can be customized.

2. Piston cylinder control volume,High accuracy, the error is only 1%

3. Pedal and Automatic filling are available.

4. Fully pneumatic control, doesn't need electricity, Safe and easy to operation.

5. Pneumatic components useTaiwan's AirTac. More durable.

6. Widely used in a variety of liquids and low-viscosity products, such as Hand Sanitizer, sanitizer gel, liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, drinking water, lubricating oil, shoes oil, kepchup, cosmetic face cream, sunscreen...

* Noted:Cannot be used for non-liquid pastes( if you have no idea, kindly inquiry us and show me your product)


Details of Vertical Filling Machine:

Contact parts are made for 316L Stainless steel, other parts are 304 Stainless steel, Sanitary Grade Standard.

Quick open cartridge, removable, easy to clean;

Normal gravity type feeding products.

Movable wheels, easy to remove.

Self-suctionproducts to filling machine.

Filling Nozzles can be customized according to the size of your bottles/Jars.

The filling volume is controlled by the size of the cylinder, filling range option: 10-100ml, 25-250ml, 50-500ml, 100-1000ml, 500-5000ml.(please kindly let us know your bottle size and bottle volume, thank you ;)

The height can do customized, can be equipped with Feed Pump, Semi automatic Capping Machine, Semi automatic Flat Bottle Labeling Machine


Package & Delivery:

To ensure the quality of our service, we will follow the standard package upon delivery:

1. All products before delivery should be tested by assembly and commissioning engineers. Our salesman need to send the tested video to the customer to ensure working well of the machines. Precision parts need to be packed in film or carton.

2. All products are packed in wooden boxes. Firmly fix the edge of the foot of the equipment to adapt the machine to the requirements of loading and uploading.

Our Servers:

We provide Turn-key project service to customer.

1. Factory Layout design;

2. Factory Decoration based on GMP standard;

3. Formula of products;

4. Raw material etc;

5. Machine design, whole production line from A to Z;

6. Shipping service, FOB, CFR, CIF etc;

7. Installation service. Training service, Maintenance service.