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Science popularization of vacuum emulsifier mixer

March 3, 2023

What is vacuum emulsifying mixer?
Vacuum emulsifying mixer has vessels with jackets used for heating and cooling of the materials inside the vacuum. These vessels include homogenizers that work at a very high speed, scraping agitator, and vacuum pump, hydraulic pump.

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How does emulsifier machine work?
The operation principle of the emulsifier is to shear, disperse, and impact the materials through the high-speed rotation of the homogeneous head linked to the engine, so as to promote the fusion of oil and water. The vacuum emulsifier means that these operations are performed under vacuum.


What are the Benefits of Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine?

This machine is unique. It uses many functions of a vacuum to improve mixing performance. This leads to proper product handling and better mixing results.
A vacuum controls the mixing environment, and this helps in preventing aeration, which may cause mixing blade degeneration.
The controlled mixing environment also aids in getting void-free end products.
It is ideal for producing small, medium, and big batches and large quantities of powdery products. This is because it comes with work capacities of between 30L-2000L.
It is very relevant for producing creams and other fluid products like cough syrups.
It saves time since the manual method takes a relatively long time. The automated machine provides a substantial energy input that speeds up the entire process.
The products have improved uniformity with effectively controlled viscosity.
It reduces wastage that occurred during manual mixing. Therefore it is creating good returns to the processing industry.
The automatic one has an in-built CIP which ensure hygiene for the machine and prevents contamination of the products.