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Diary of a business deal with a Saudi client

October 13, 2022

I joined Guangzhou Ailusi Machinery Co Ltd in 2016.

I have met friends from all over the world and also got large and small orders. I would like to share my personal experience of foreign trade here, hoping that it can help friends who want to engage in foreign trade, and also to make foreign trade managers laugh.


In 2019, received a Saudi inquiry, almost to and from 5 Emails, the customer asked for factory inspection, and asked us to produce the government's business invitation letter, when the heart surprised, did the Middle East Saudi customers also began to learn from the Nigerian customers? With the attitude of not giving up, we asked the client to send us his business licence and passport, and only when we got the information did we find out that the client was a Syrian national working in Saudi Arabia. Our company applied for the invitation letter in accordance with the client's requirements and then sent it to the client via email and confirmed the client's flight itinerary.


Our factory is in Yangzhou, which is only 30 minutes away from the airport, and many of the clients we are talking to have had very good pre-negotiations.

So if a customer asks us to pick up the plane, we are very quick to agree, maybe one hesitation on our part and all the preliminary efforts and time are lost.

We arrived at Yangzhou Taizhou airport as promised, received the customer, after exchanging pleasantries, started to return to Jiangsu Taizhou, the customer asked me "Is your factory nearby?”

After a half hour drive, we sent the client back to the pre-booked hotel and left him alone to rest before having dinner together in the evening. We also had a discussion with our Syrian friend about their politics, during which we sighed about how powerless we are as ordinary people against war and how important a strong country is. Most of my products are sold to South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The more customers I meet, the more patriotic I think I am! Compared to most countries our government is doing a very good job! We, the ordinary people, can develop our economy in a peaceful and unified environment!


The next day, I saw the Saudi client in their traditional robes and the Syrian client in a very formal dress. I think they were very sincere about buying the machines! I took them to the factory, toured the products and proposed some solutions to modify the machines according to the actual situation of water shortage in Saudi Arabia, and the customers were very satisfied. The final solution was finalised. The contract invoice was made on the spot! Later the customer returned to Saudi Arabia as promised remittance, we guarantee the quality of products shipped!

Since this customer is influential in the washing industry in Saudi Arabia, the customer has introduced us to four new customers one after another in the following three years. I think as we sell more and more machines in the Saudi market, it will be easier and easier for us to start new business.


To conclude, I would like to use the lyrics of the song "Three parts are destiny, seven parts depend on hard work". Meet the right customer at the right time, but only if you work hard enough to optimise your platform and have the stamina and knowledge to grasp the opportunity and seize the order!